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Daily Deal Program

GoldSavings offers dynamic and interactive marketing solutions for businesses in Phoenix and Tucson with our comprehensive coupon program. In 2014 we launched Arizona's own Daily Deal program and website,

Key Advantages & Benefits:

  • No up front cost
  • No risk
  • GoldSavings is locally owned and operated and understands the Phoenix and Tucson markets.
  • GoldSavings will get your money to you FASTER!
  • GoldSavings will be more flexible in working with merchants on their offers.
  • GoldSavings will promote in local media (TV and Direct Mail)
  • Customer AND Merchant satisfaction is our goal!
  • Exponential viral marketing opportunity
  • Track customers and sales
  • Drives people to your business
  • Builds your web presence
  • Generates traffic to your website
  • Shares your business story
  • Puts your business in the spotlight

What a Daily Deal Means To You

GoldSavings can offer you massive exposure and guaranteed new customers with no ($0) upfront advertising fees at all!

We Place A Spotlight on Your Business

Your Daily Deal feature will be promoted exclusively for a 24 – 48 hour period Through:

  • Email - our members/subscribers, receive an email featuring your business and announcing your deal.
  • Social Marketing - viral word of mouth starting with posting your deal to our Facebook and Twitter followers.
  • Website – your Daily Deal is the first thing visitors see.
  • Strategic Ad Network – other high traffic publications with ads featuring our promotion/Daily Deal (Saguaro GOLD Magazine in both Tucson and Phoenix)

You Pay Us

Yes, nothing! We are marketing your business to our members and thousands of other new consumers, we are collecting their money, we are giving them a redeemable voucher, and WE pay YOU up to half of the purchase price. It's that simple. If no deals are purchased it literally costs you nothing!

We Only Win
If You Win!!!

GoldSavings offers your business efficient, measurable, risk-free marketing,
Exponential viral marketing opportunity, Track customers and sales , Drives people to your business, Builds your web presence, Generates traffic to your website Shares your business story, Puts your business in the spotlight.


How it Works


1     We Find The Best
We search for strong and compelling local/regional businesses eager to reach a large interactive audience with a dynamic "Daily Deal".

2     We Create the "Daily Deal"
Our Team works with you to showcase your business and the special offer, so our members and their friends will be compelled to buy.

3     Customers Engage, Buy and Arrive
The Daily Deal feature creates a social media frenzy prompting a sense of urgency and creating quite a buzz about your business giving you tons of awareness through active engagement. Friends chat, deals get purchased, time expires and you get paid. New customers then actively stream into your business … then you get paid again!

   Add it all up and GoldSavings "Daily Deal" equates to a 24-hour interactive TV commercial giving viewers the ability to tap the screen and PRE-PAY for your product or service. This is the simple reason why internet "Daily Deals" are today's MOST popular form of advertising worldwide! We would love to talk to see if your business would be a good fit with our program. (Reminder: GoldSavings only runs just few deals per day, leaving us a very limited number of deals per year, so space is limited. Contact us today!)

Coupon Program

Our original coupon program has three key components:

Email - We have a weekly coupon email that goes out to all our subscribers.

  • Each coupon advertiser gets 1 coupon in an email.
  • Offers can change weekly.

Website - coupon section on our high traffic website

  • Featuring coupons from each coupon advertiser.
  • Offers can change weekly.

Coupon Book - we promote GoldSavings and selected merchants in Saguaro Gold Magazine 10 times per year

  • 640,000 Saguaro Gold Magazines are distributed through direct mail in Phoenix and Tucson.

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