How it Works

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    1Get The Deal

    The first step to saving is purchasing a Daily Deal. Go to and check out our deals! Once you have located a deal you want to purchase, simply click “Buy” and complete the checkout process.

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    2Print or Use the Voucher

    There are two ways to print your voucher. The first way is to print directly from your email - once you purchase a deal the voucher is sent to your email, and you can print directly from your email.  The second way is printing your voucher from your GoldSavings account. Just click on the “Sign In” link and enter your email and password. Once you are signed in to your account click “Deal Vouchers” from the top left, and you'll see all your purchased vouchers. From here simply click "Print Voucher" to download a pdf to print.

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    3Share with Friends

    Tell your friends about exciting deals on! Below every deal will be a share button that posts a deal on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ account, or even send the link in an email to friends. You can also refer friends from your GoldSavings account.

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    4Stay Connected

    Don’t miss a deal again! Keep up with our Daily Deals and Coupons by subscribing to receive GoldSavings Email notifications! You also can check the Daily Deal on Facebook, Twitter and Google+!

Note: Don't worry if you ever misplace your voucher! You can always login to your GoldSavings account to reprint your voucher, or if you change your mind about your purchase, you can simply contact us for a refund pursuant to our refund policy.

More Questions?

Email us 24 hours a day at or call us at 855-901-4653.